About Us

‘Har din Jashn’ is the celebration of the Nawabi heritage, the connoisseurs of this majestic food. It brings to your dining room the age-old secret delicacies that brewed in the Nawab of Bhopal’s kitchen. The blend of spices in these Masalas that made the food so special were crafted and closely guarded within families of royal cooks and were passed down from one generation to another.We have been able to get these recipes from one such family.

These Masalas and recipes were closely guarded  secret but were passed from one generation to the next, now you have the privilege to heighten your senses with the same secret Masalas and recipes in the comfort of your home.
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Each packet carries detailed instructions on “how to cook” the dish in a very lucid manner. Just follow the steps mentioned and be a master chef . The compliments are guaranteed. Only the finest spices and herbs have been used to satisfy your taste buds.

The spices and herbs that go into these Masalas are grinded  using low temperature grinding technique , so that freshness of spices is retained. After grinding the Masalas are sealed in a silver foil and then packed in ziplock pouch so that the freshness is retained till you use them.
Har Din Jashn Masalas are available on Flipkart & Amazon, you can also buy them from the the shopping link given on the website.
So go ahead and choose from the widest range of recipe Masalas and let the celebrations begin.And please do share your feedback with us ,it would keep us motivated and help improve.