Har Din Jashn


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Har Din Jashn Chop Fry Masala | Ready to Cook Recipe | 100g, (Pack of 2x50 gm) | Zip Lock for Freshness | 100 year old Secret recipes of Nawab's of Bhopal

  • FRESHLY BLENDED: Our masalas are hand grounded with an aromatic blend of freshly blended spices. Pure and natural, they will impart a rare character and heavenly flavor to your dishes.
  • NATURALLY SOURCED PREMIUM SPICES: Every spice in our masala is sourced from natural farms across the country thus yielding an unadulterated aroma and flavor of premium spices into your food.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: With Har Din Jashn you will always get the 100% natural ingredients in your spice mixes. These spices are grounded at without any harmful fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives in it.
  • ETHNIC FLAVOUR: Try out this aromatic Mutton Biryani preparation, with the exotic mix of masalas from Har Din Jashn that arrives with all the accurate ingredients, including salt, for the flawless flavours, cherishing the age old secrets of the Bhopal Nawab's Kitchen.
  • Package Contents: 50 Gm of Har Din Jashn Chop Fry Masala. Set of 2. Quantity: 100 Gm (Each 50 Gm); Shelf Life: 365 Days

Chop Fry is favourite starter and and side dish made with goat ribs (chops). Chops are first cooked with herbs to give a special taste and soften them, then chops are marinated with special spices and rested in refrigerator to soak the flavour and aromas and finally chops are fried in a pan to give them crispness. Chops are served with mint sauce, onion rings and lime juice.

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